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Джон Кентон - 33.3%
Карлос Детвейлер - 0%
Роджер Уэйд - 2.4%
Сандра Джексон - 2.4%
Херб Портер - 0%
Билл Гелб - 0%
Ридли Уокер - 7.1%
Генерал Хекслер - 40.5%
Рут Танака - 11.9%
Другой персонаж - 2.4%

Всего голосов: 42
Голосование окончено on: 28 Сен 2021 - 00:00

Green must be seen



Checkmate Patterns (Free Version)

Checkmate Patterns (Free Version)

Solve thousands of checkmate puzzles grouped by theme.

In chess, several checkmate patterns occur frequently enough to have acquired specific names in chess commentary.
With this application you can solve thousands of checkmate puzzles grouped by theme (Anastasia's mate, Arabian mate, Back-rank mate, Boden's mate, Double bishop mate, Dovetail mate, Hook mate, Smothered mate).


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