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Джон Кентон - 33.3%
Карлос Детвейлер - 0%
Роджер Уэйд - 2.4%
Сандра Джексон - 2.4%
Херб Портер - 0%
Билл Гелб - 0%
Ридли Уокер - 7.1%
Генерал Хекслер - 40.5%
Рут Танака - 11.9%
Другой персонаж - 2.4%

Всего голосов: 42
Голосование окончено on: 28 Сен 2021 - 00:00

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Chess PGN Explorer (Free Version)

Chess PGN Explorer (Free Version)

An application to read chess games from files in PGN format.

PGN file is a "Portable Game Notation" standard designed for the representation of chess game data using text files.
PGN file may contain a single chess game or multiple chess games. With this application you can view them all and play them move by move. Also you can choose different types of boards and chess pieces.
The application will be useful for both chess amateurs and chess professionals.


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