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Chess Alekhine Defense Pro

Chess Alekhine Defense Pro

Learn chess opening - Alekhine Defense, solving multiple puzzles from real games.

One of the best way to study chess opening is to solve puzzles from real games in which the opening takes place.
In this application you are invited to solve tactics and find the strongest moves in games started with Alekhine Defense.
You can see a solution of the puzzle, you can see a game in which the puzzle took place.
No doubt, with this application you will learn Alekhine Defense much better.

The Alekhine's Defense is a chess opening that begins with the moves: 1. e4 Nf6.
The opening is named after Alexander Alekhine, who introduced it in the 1921 Budapest tournament in games against Endre Steiner and Fritz Samisch. Four years later, the editors of the Fourth Edition of Modern Chess Openings (MCO-4) wrote: "Nothing is more indicative of the iconoclastic conceptions of the 'hypermodern school' than the bizarre defence introduced by Alekhine... Although opposing to all tenets of the classical school, Black allows his King's Knight to be driven about the board in the early stages of the game, in the expectation of provoking a weakness in White's centre pawns."


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